Reflections of the future in an AI world

Reflections of the future in an AI world

When was the last time you asked yourself, what's next? Questioning the future and its uncertainty identifies us as part of this society. It seems that the complexity of our lives is not enough, and we need to create imaginary scenarios that fulfill our curiosity.

Recently I found myself reading this question several times on social media. The emergence of ChatGPT,  DALL-E 2, and GitHub Copilot generates the ideal panorama to stop for a moment and reflect on our capacities to discover the benefits we can obtain from generative artificial intelligence.

Technology changes occur at the velocity of a blink. These innovations have all the reflectors, but not long ago, the discussion was about remote working, digital nomads, and the future of offices. However, big companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft still find a way to mix both topics and give us a different perspective of what we need to comprehend if we want to play in their league.

So, what's next?

For me, the answer is in the valley of search. I recommend you to start listening to WorkLab, which is a podcast of Microsoft. In every episode, you will find a realistic perspective of what top companies and universities are developing and expecting from their teams in the context that the pace of innovation is only increasing.

"When someone talks, you can know what they read."

One of my favorite newsletters is The Honest Broker by writer Ted Gioia. With his unique sense of humor and a clear perspective of the role that the records industry, streaming services, and musicians play nowadays, he dedicates one delivery to explaining the relationship between AI and music. Spoiler alert: everything is about the money.

But can we talk about a happy relationship between those elements when it's obvious the artistic part is at a disadvantage? Or how professor Gioia wrote, “Music without those irritating musicians.”

The good thing is that this relationship will last as much as we decide. Thankfully, we live in a constant loop of releases of literally any genre we can imagine. We only need to select what  to listen to and go deep into the rhythm. Buying, sharing and going to their gigs. Fulfill our curiosity with art.

I wrote this text while listening to the homonymous album of Gabi Hartmann.