About me

As a journalist, I always seek to boost my capacity for wonder and share this passion with those who desire to discover people, music, readings, places, podcasts, etc. Yes, I think that curiosity is a way of life.

I'm convinced that at this precise moment, at any place in the world, someone is perfecting their skills to become the best in their career. I will interview them so you can know their story and create a new community together. Meanwhile, you can listen to this playlist that I made for you. Trust me: it will improve your day and help you find the beat while reading all the interviews.

Professional career:

Personal life:

  • Jazz is my favorite place: I’m always listening to a new release, assisting a concert, or returning to the classics.
  • I consider myself a listener: radio, podcasts, music, conversations, and interviews.
  • I currently live in Lisbon.

Get in Touch:

I want to know you. We can start on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If you also love to write, my mail is open: jorge@cejamoran.com.