Conversations with people you should know.
Anna Gréta: from ordinary moments into musical memories
Star of Spring blooms from ephemeral inspirations and perpetuates itself as a haven to which we can return to escape the arid soil of daily life.
Kathrine Windfeld: a musical journey from big band to sextet
ALDEBARAN is my most sensitive album. I have focused on sensitivity and versatility. I think the audience can hear that I’ve grown as a composer.
Grégory Privat: rising from ashes to improvise the present
With Phoenix, Grégory Privat has found in his voice a way of forging connections with the audience and perpetuating his musical legacy.
Oran Etkin: bridging worlds with his album Open Arms
Oran Etkin built profund connections with musicians across the globe. In Zimbabwe, discovered a new facet as a musician: being a soldier of peace.
Jacob Djurssa: jazz compositions from the oniric realm
Drømmesyn, a Danish word that translates to dream vision. It may seem like a simple concept, but for me, these musical ideas emerge spontaneously
Igor Osypov: a jazz manifest of his motherland
Motherland?2K14 encapsulates both a question and a statement: What is the motherland? and the year in which Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started.
Taylor Eigsti: jazz music to understand his recent past
Throughout 12 songs, it’s possible to witness structural elements that capture the transition between the simplicity and complexity of life.
Allison Miller: a drummer who dives in the current of rivers
Rivers In Our Veins: an album that will take you on a cinematic adventure. Put your headphones on, and allow yourself to immerse in the music.
Cautious Clay: music and introspection as an open letter
KARPEH is an album, a surname, and an open letter that allows us to delve into the life of the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Cautious Clay
Johnathan Blake: bridging life and music through jazz
Johnathan Blake plays tribute to those who had touched his soul, making Passage a traditional jazz record with a modern flavor.
Sofia Grant: a voice that responds to climate collapse
Within this climate crisis, Sofia leaves the door open for her sonic journey to find the spirituality and evolution needed to continue and grow.
Jalen Baker: embracing the unpredictable through vibraphone
‘Be Still’ is more than an album; it’s a living record that documents the changes in the life of vibraphonist Jalen Baker.
Kira Linn: exploring her voice through a musical catharsis
In her loneliness, German baritone saxophonist Kira Linn found new ways of expression and composition.
Ash Walker: an astronaut leading a cosmic musical voyage
‘Astronaut’ is unequivocal proof that reality is never enough: while people take refuge in music, musician Ash Walker explores the Universe.
Nicola Conte: uniting cultures through the language of music
In Umoja, contemporary sounds emerge to dispel the fog that covers the light we need. Musician Nicola Conte believes it’s possible to shine again
Magos Herrera: an ethereal voice that sings to life
Her voice comes from the soul; hence it remains suspended in the air pervading all spaces. Magos Herrera talks about ‘Aire,’ her last album.
Fire! Orchestra: echoes and flames of a musical epic
The echoes of this orchestra expand into dozens of sparks, which one by one become fire. In their flames: chaos, beauty, and darkness.
Elina Duni: a sweet voice in the depths of darkness
Under the power of music, Elina embarks on a journey where sounds and phrases from a different era prompt a wistful affection for the past.
Girls in Airports: cinematic sound through the vibe of jazz
How It Is Now: the progression of the melodies creates an immersive encounter where it’s possible to discover a mix of different elements.
Mirna Bogdanović: finding closure of a broken heart
Through her voice and compositions, it’s possible to explore the shades of love.
Aga Derlak: musical alchemy that explores the multiverse
Across the multiverse, the sound of Aga Derlak reverberates in each corner, shaping the atmosphere with her compositions, poems, and soul.
Louis Hayes: mastering the art of time and rhythm in music
The art of maintaining rhythm through time: a practice that goes beyond the physical act of counting beats or following a metronome.
Nick Walters: an eastern musical expedition called Padmāsana
Padmāsana is an album constructed from experiences and samples trumpet player Nick Walters encountered while traveling around India.
Gabi Hartmann: a voice that merges with the sea
The voice from Hartmann continues navigating. Her musical exploration will make sense each time someone pays attention to the whisper of the sea.
Peter Somuah: the music behind his mission on Earth
The roots of Peter Somuah continue to expand. In his mind, the influence of jazz legends, while in its sound, conversations with the cosmos.
Anders Jormin: the poetry that surrounds his compositions
When I play the double bass and have the chance to create music as a composer, it seems I reach a certain inner balance and harmony.
Jazzamoart: the art of improvising while the music sounds
Painted music: a style that has led him to capture the sounds and beats that come from the deep of the soul.